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Malaysia Semasa



19th Feb 2001

Gov’t to set up inquiry to probe Seremban shooting case

Murder suspect’s bail extended again

Mahfuz: Rundingan akan gagal kerana Umno

Kenyataan Kayveas ‘kebudak-budakan’: IPF

Court erred in striking out Anwar’s suit against PM: Karpal

Former AG, now Federal judge, urged to clear name

Siswa berjuang lonjakkan idealisme masa depan

Dictatorships share common feature of repression: Nobel laureate

Future shock for past mind-sets

18th Feb 2001

‘Malay Unity’ talks postponed: PAS

Perbincangan PAS-Umno esok ditangguh, 60 penyokong BA ditahan

17th Feb 2001

7 penyokong reformasi ditahan, termasuk Tian Chua

Tian Chua arrested for illegal demonstration

3,000 march to Dataran Merdeka from police station

Reformasi demo outside Dang Wangi police station

Eye-witness to a shooting in Seremban

World-class airport, Third World service

The truth is out there

16th Feb 2001

Malaysiakini concerned over RTM’s ‘baseless attacks’

Pertemuan rahsia jawatankuasa Umno-PAS 2 jam




Tuesday February 20

Walkathon participants treated like ‘criminals’

5:57pm, Tue: The participants of the Save Our School walkathon last Sunday complained that they were treated like criminals by the police upon their arrest.

One of the detainees, Lim Soon Hong, 45, told journalists at a press conference today that the fingerprints of all 10 digits of those arrested were recorded in three separate documents. In addition, police also took mugshots of each participant.

About 100 people took part in the 18km walkathon, organised by Bukit Bintang DAP and the Red Rose Youth Centre. It kicked off from Jalan Pudu in the city to Damansara, where the Chinese school for which it is being held is located.

A total of 46 participants were arrested, 29 of whom were brought to the Dang Wangi police station while 17 were sent to the Brickfields police station.

The event was organised to support SRJK (C) Damansara in Petaling Jaya, the Chinese national-type primary school that was closed last month.

The students at the school had been directed by the Education Ministry to temporarily transfer to SRJK (C) Puay Chai (II) - a few kilometres away - while awaiting the completion of a new school in Tropicana.

However, the authorities have been unable to provide clear explanation as to what would happen to the 70-year-old school and its abandoned site. While the majority of the students have moved to Puay Chai (II), 67 have stayed put and are continuing their classes in a temple near the old school.

First-time arrest

Ng Chan You, 62, who was arrested for the first time, said that the participants were “frightened, hungry and thirsty”.

“We are not criminals, we merely want to save the school,” said Ng.

According to Lim, the participants were also ordered to give their Save Our School T-shirts they were wearing to the police as evidence.

Lim said that when the walkathon began at the Pudu Jail, a police officer warned the organisers that the distance between the walkers were too close.

Police officers were stationed along the route. A participant, requesting anonymity, said that the walkers were closely monitored.

“We were walking two by two and the distance between each couple was 20 feet. Suddenly, at one point, the police stopped us,” he said.

Ng added that it was natural that when walkers in front were stopped, those at the back would catch up with them.

“When we gathered around, the police quickly took photos of us,” said Ng.

Lim stressed that the participants were not holding any banners or shouting slogans.

“We came to show our support to the parents and the teachers who are fighting to keep the old Damansara school,” he said.

Police permit

Walkathon organiser David Mah said that the issue of police permit did not arise as it was only a walkathon. Nevertheless, he said that the police were informed about the event.

He said, the Dang Wangi police station did advise them not to proceed with the walkathon in a Feb 16 letter. However, the police did not give any reason for their disapproval.

“We did not accept the advice as we thought it was very irrational,” said Mah.

The 17 who were detained at the Brickfields police station were granted RM2,000 bail, while those in Dang Wangi were granted RM500 bail. Both groups must report to the police on March 4 an