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Soalan: saudara editor,

Tolong sampaikan syabas kepada En. Ghazali Mat Dom kerana berani mengakui perbuatan segelintir penyokong UMNO itu tidak baik untuk UMNO. Sebagai pemerhati dari jauh, the deeds and words from some of the UMNO leaders are digusting. That same deed and word is alienating people like me from Barisan National. Hopefully they learn to think before they speak because in the long run yang rugi bukan rakyat tapi UMNO as a party. If UMNO want to gain back the people's support, I think they ought to do some thorough spring cleaning within the party. In the light of the present circumstances, I would suggest that everyone within UMNO leadership examine their own conscience in good faith and be remorseful. Good luck and God speed. Remember that the opposition are your eyes and ears to the public dissatifaction and use the criticism to improve the party .